Low Income Artist Homeownership

We believe that by creating opportunities for financial training
and affordable/income-appropriate homeownership,
we can help stable artistic communities to develop & flourish.

A strong and stable artistic community is an essential component of thriving, vibrant neighborhoods. However, strength and stability can only come from artists who are long-term stakeholders in their communities, particularly those who own their own homes. Loan qualification, home-buying and foreclosure prevention are significant challenges for all low- and moderate-income (LMI) families, especially those with non-traditional income-streams like artists and independent workers. In creating resources for artists, we work to identify similar populations and build these resources to serve them as well, so that our work can benefit the broadest possible constituency.

New York City

In New York City, we’ve partnered with the New York Mortgage Coalition (NYMC) to help low- and moderate-income artists and independent workers gain greater access to first-time homeownership counseling, foreclosure-prevention counseling and loan-qualification services in the greater New York Area and beyond.


In Minnesota, ArtHome partnered with Springboard for the Arts to bring a Minnesota specific Homebuyer Handbook to artists across the state. The handbook project was coupled with an artist homebuyer training program targeted to support work being done for the creative placemaking project: IRRIGATE. (a partnership of Springboard for the Arts with funding via ArtPlace).


ArtHome and partners, Northeast Shores Development Corporation and Community Partnership for the Arts and Culture (CPAC) worked together in Cleveland, Ohio on the “Collinwood Rising” project. ArtHome also created a new Cleveland specific Homebuyer Handbook for Northeast Shores Development Corporation and created and instituted an artist homebuyer “Train the Trainer” program within the region.

National Work

ArtHome has created a National Mortgage Qualification Strategies Handbook for use in communities across America. This handbook helps artists and other independent workers access a wide spectrum of assistance when buying (or preparing to buy) a home, and provides an easy and effective way for arts organizations and community groups to bring home-buyer support to their constituencies.