Homeownership: Minnesota

In Minnesota, ArtHome partnered with Springboard for the Arts to bring a Minnesota specific Homebuyer Handbook to artists across the state. The handbook project was coupled with an artist homebuyer training program targeted to support work being done for the creative placemaking project: IRRIGATE. (a partnership of Springboard for the Arts with funding via ArtPlace).

IRRIGATE is an artist-led initiative spanning the six miles of Saint Paul’s Central Corridor Light Rail line, using the arts as a fulcrum to change underutilized/undervalued spaces into thriving public hubs. Artists collaborate with businesses, organizations and community groups to transform the landscape of the corridor, creating focal points for civic engagement and community involvement.

IRRIGATE centers on the idea that artists who are rooted in their communities and deeply engaged in civic dialog can have a profound positive impact, enhancing the entire community’s sense of belonging and encouraging people to see themselves as stakeholders in the improvement of their own neighborhoods. Arthome is helping to stabilize local artists’ community presence through homeownership training and foreclosure-prevention initiatives.

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