Homeownership: New York City

In New York City, we’ve partnered with the New York Mortgage Coalition (NYMC) to help low- and moderate-income artists and independent workers gain greater access to first-time homeownership counseling, foreclosure-prevention counseling and loan-qualification services in the greater New York Area and beyond.

The results of this partnership are three publications (printed in English, Spanish, and Chinese, and backed by a robust outreach campaign), designed to provide crucial information to artists for ArtHome’s artist outreach and to serve as general guides for use in NYMC’s general outreach.

These publications form part of our organizing campaign linking local artists, arts organizations and independent worker coalitions with NYMC members, providing homebuyer and foreclosure prevention training, lending and homeownership opportunities to these under-served and income appropriate populations.

They are designed to meet the needs of artists and other independent workers. The independent worker sector is one of the fastest growing segments of New York’s working population, covering a broad spectrum from construction day laborers to freelance professionals.