Our first day of programming at the Ave C Plaza in Kensington Brooklyn! Today we welcomed two arts projects:

Creative Impact Portrait Studio which documents and shares the unique faces and diverse gifts of the Kensington community. On June 4 and 5, community residents are invited to pose for their portraits (first come first served) inside the Mobile Studio while answering the question, “What is your gift—a talent or skill—you can give to your neighborhood?” Each individual or group will receive a printed copy of their photograph. The collection of photographs will be shared in real time, on social media, and printed on large vinyl banners that will decorate the plaza. The Photo Studio is a way for the Kensington community to engage with itself across age or social boundaries, showcasing how a community’s individual strengths are exponentially more powerful when mobilized as a whole.

Neighborland/ I want ____ in Kensington Is a participatory visual way for community members to discuss what they’d like to see in their neighborhood. Supported by Council District 39’s Participatory Budgeting office, the project asks neighbors to share ideas about amenities, improvements, programming or infrastructure they wish Kensington could have. Written on a large signboard or on paper flyers displayed around the plaza, these community-sourced ideas help Kensington residents imagine the changes they want to see, and (through Participatory Budgeting), give them a way to make those changes happen.